Good On You Grandma!

My father’s family hail from Maryborough, a lovely old country town about 170k north-west of Melbourne. The local rag, the ‘Maryborough & Dunolly Advertiser’ reported the following fundraiser during WW1 in 1915. The story features the skills, character and integrity of my 14 year old future grandmother, Jean Freeman.


One of the finest sights ever witnessed on the oval in Prince’s Park was afforded on Friday afternoon when some twenty district schools took part in a united display. The funds raised on the day were for the benefit of the patriotic funds and it is expected that a financial benefit of over £70 will accrue. There were probably nearer 2000 than 1500 children present and the park made an ideal setting for them with its green turf, fine trees and back ground of sun-reflecting water.

The schools taking part in this item were:

Maryborough School 404

Maryborough School 404

  • Maryborough 404, 6 squads,
  • Maryborough East 5 ,
  • Majorca 2,
  • Timor 2,
  • Craigie 1,
  • Dunolly 2,
  • Carisbrook 3

The first prize for buttonholes was won by J. Freeman, Maryborough State School 404, who with very fine spirit donated the amount to the funds which go to the schools’ patriotic contribution.

I seem to recall now that my father, his brother and 2 sisters never had a button hole out of place!

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