Buried in plot 46 of Mordialloc and South Moorabbin Cemetery with infant son Arthur
  • 23 JAN 1877 - Birth - ; Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
  • 22 JUN 1961 - Death - ; Hampton, Victoria, Australia
  • 4 JUL 1900 - Marriage - ; Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
George DAVIE
21 OCT 1833 - 2 JUN 1915
Mary Jane DAVIE
23 JAN 1877 - 22 JUN 1961
4 JUL 1849 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
Birth21 OCT 1833Aberdeen, Scotland
Death2 JUN 1915 Cheltenham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Marriage13 AUG 1870to Jane BAIN
Birth4 JUL 1849
Marriage13 AUG 1870to George DAVIE
FMary Jane DAVIE
Birth23 JAN 1877Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Death22 JUN 1961Hampton, Victoria, Australia
Marriage4 JUL 1900to Arthur Richard JUDD at Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Birth20 MAY 1871Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Death1930Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Marriage1900to Beatrice Elizabeth ROBERTS at Victoria, Australia
FMaggie Kennedy DAVIE
Birth19 JUN 1881Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Death23 JUL 1938
Marriageto Lytton PENNY
MRobert Alexander DAVIE
Birth2 OCT 1883Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Death16 APR 1958
Marriageto Constance CURTIS
FWillamina Elizabeth DAVIE
Birth21 DEC 1874Cheltenham, Victoria
Death15 MAR 1899Chapel Road, South Brighton, Victoria
Marriage1894to Arthur Richard JUDD at Victoria
FGeorgina DAVIE
Birth24 MAY 1871Cheltenham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
FJessie Ann DAVIE
Birth7 OCT 1879Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Marriage30 APR 1902to Albert Coleman PENNY at Presbyterian Church, Cheltenham, Victoria
FKatie Angus DAVIE
Birth1 APR 1888Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Death21 APR 1888Cheltenham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Arthur Richard JUDD
Birth17 APR 1872Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Death5 AUG 1966 Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Marriage4 JUL 1900to Mary Jane DAVIE at Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Marriage1894to Willamina Elizabeth DAVIE at Victoria
FatherRichard Langridge JUDD
MotherMargaret Anne BROUGH
Birth23 JAN 1877Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Death22 JUN 1961 Hampton, Victoria, Australia
Marriage4 JUL 1900to Arthur Richard JUDD at Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
FatherGeorge DAVIE
MotherJane BAIN
FFlora Jean JUDD
Birth10 NOV 1904Brighton, Victoria, Australia
Death11 FEB 2006
Marriage1931to Jack WARE at Victoria, Australia
Marriage25 JUN 1956to George Gordon HESLOP
MRichard Allan JUDD
Birth31 DEC 1910Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Death19 DEC 1984Seaford, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Marriageto Anita TUCKER
MarriageAUG 1935to Alva Jean MUIR at Victoria, Australia
FAlexandra May JUDD
Birth21 MAY 1901Ballarat, Victoria
Death5 DEC 1985East Ringwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Marriage29 JAN 1954to George Alexander CAMERON
MArthur Robert JUDD
Birth3 APR 1903Cheltenham, Victoria
Death7 APR 1903Cheltenham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
MGordon Fleming JUDD
Birth31 MAR 1908Highett, Melbourne, Australia
Death27 JUL 1995
Marriage2 MAY 1931to Thelma Mary MIGAN at Victoria, Australia
Descendancy Chart
Mary Jane DAVIE b: 23 JAN 1877 d: 22 JUN 1961
Arthur Richard JUDD b: 17 APR 1872 d: 5 AUG 1966
Flora Jean JUDD b: 10 NOV 1904 d: 11 FEB 2006
George Gordon HESLOP b: 8 JUL 1887 d: 3 FEB 1983
Richard Allan JUDD b: 31 DEC 1910 d: 19 DEC 1984
Anita TUCKER b: 1904 d: 28 JUN 1988
Alexandra May JUDD b: 21 MAY 1901 d: 5 DEC 1985
George Alexander CAMERON b: 10 MAY 1895 d: 17 JUL 1971
Dorothy May CAMERON b: 26 APR 1924 d: 13 MAR 1994
Arthur Robert JUDD b: 3 APR 1903 d: 7 APR 1903
Gordon Fleming JUDD b: 31 MAR 1908 d: 27 JUL 1995
Thelma Mary MIGAN b: 30 MAY 1912 d: 4 JUL 1988

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